Thursday, September 28, 2017

MFK: Clones

MFK: Batman the Ride (Six Flags, etc.), Superman: Ride of Steel (SFA/Darien Lake), Flying Dutchman (Batwing/Firehawk)

I can change my mind here every day of the week, tough choices. 

MFK RulesThese are the last three rides on Earth. Marry: The one you get to ride (and deal with) every day. Fuck: The one you have one last ride with. Kill: She's gone. No last rides.

Clone day, three different coaster types and three different manufacturers! These coasters have at least one counterpart that is the same ride, or a mirror image of the ride. Well, which are your choices?

Marry: This is a tough round! No rides are top 10 material, but none are terrible. I guess I would like to ride the Flying Dutchman Vekoma more than any, it's also smooth and re-rideable. So I'll Marry Firehawk.

Fuck: Batman! Fun forces and quick elements, can't leave batman hanging. 

Kill: Superman: ROS is left and while it is a fun, fast ride, it just leaves me bored. The layout isn't exciting and the ride doesn't do much for me. Not enough airtime, not enough quick turns, not enough of anything. Ruined the Superman name. 


  1. No way- opposite.
    Marry SROS
    Fuck Batman
    Kill firehawk

  2. I'd kill batman because I've ridden enough already.
    I'd marry superman because it's still fun.
    I'd fuck batwing because it's a good ride too.