IAAPA 2017 Is Almost Here - Martin & Vleminckx will announce Launch Wooden Coaster


Martin & Vleminckx Launch Wooden Coaster

Over on the Eastern side of the globe, Chinese wooden coasters are top notch creations because of Martin & Vleminckx, who have controlled the space with their new GCI/Gravity Group-type creations.. moving away from the calssic out-and-back.
Introducing Launch & 360 zero G roll Wood Coasters
MVR offers innovative traditional Wood Roller coasters including the High Five element and the 360 Barrel Roll. Deliveries include: First ever wood coaster for China and now the 9th for China opening 2015. The reproduction of the Zippin Pippin for the City of Green Bay. Visit booth 5800 and see models/videos of these exceptional installations and our latest Launch and 360 degree zero roll coasters. Offering relocation and new ride installation services World wide. Family attractions are also in our portfolio.
M&V are moving quickly and you may know their creations from coasters like Comet at the Great Escape!
The last few years they've been mostly working in China, hopefully we'll see them move back over to this side of the pond for some creations.

IAAPA Expo will take place November 14-17, and will be a busy and exciting time for new creations!

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