Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Where will the Solar Eclipse be seen in theme parks?

Where can you ride in the dark during the day?

The get-go: Your only chance to get a night ride in during the middle of the day.  The eclipse is upon us.

Will the parks be dark, will the lights go on? What is going to happen during this blackout!? 

Bring your glasses with you!

Well actually... no major amusement park is open and in the path of the eclipse. Sorry. You cannot ride during the dark in the middle of the day. 

Here's something:

What You'll Need

Pack up your car including your friends, your chairs, your cooler full of goodies (no alcohol, please) and come out to Six Flags St. Louis. Parking Lot will open at 10 am for you to claim your spot before the eclipse beings. Event concludes at 3 pm. In addition, there wil be music, food and fun photo opportunities to mark this historic occasion!
There will be a fee of $10 per carload and approved eclipse glasses will be available to purchase for $2 each. Please note there is a limit of 1,000 eclipse glasses available. The theme park will not be open, however, restrooms will be available.

Yes, you pay for Parking when the park is closed.What?  

"no alcohol, please"

uh, I'll pass.

Boring day among amusement parks, but hope you find your way to the eclipse alright otherwise. 2024 will be here soon.