MFK: Boulder Dash, S:ROS, Maverick.


This weeks Marry, F**k, Kill: Three very different 5-star rides.

Tough One
HOW THIS WORKS: These are the last three rides on Earth. Marry One, Fuck One, Kill One.   Marry: It's in your backyard, ride whenever you want.   Fuck: One last ride then it's gone forever.   Kill: No last rides. No goodbyes.
Three very different and insane rides here up for grabs:
Maverick, Boulder Dash, Superman:Ride Of Steel.

This has got to be one of the toughest MFK's.
Woodens are good because they change with age - it's rougher/smoother and faster/slower through different years and daytimes, Maverick is incredible as it flies through turns like no other ride, with some awesome ejector air moments are one-of-a-kind sections, and Superman has been voted on as the best ride, year after year throughout the 2000's.

Surprisingly, I must kill Superman. It's airtime is the best of the three rides, but there's more substance to the other two rides, they have more life.

I'm marrying Maverick, I love the theme and pacing of the ride too much to say goodbye.

One last ride on Boulder Dash for me. 

Let's hear yours. 


  1. M: Maverick F:Boulder Dash K:Superman

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  4. marry Mav! F Superman! Kill Boulder!


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