This Weeks MFK: Seaworld-Owned


MFK: Seaworld-Owned Battle. Mako/ Cheetah Hunt/ Alpengeist

HOW THIS WORKS: These are the last three rides on Earth. Marry One, Fuck One, Kill One.   Marry: It's in your backyard, ride whenever you want.   Fuck: One last ride then it's gone forever.   Kill: No last rides. No goodbyes.

It's Monday and time for another tough MFK.

It's tough here to choose between these coasters, they all offer something different. Cheetah's three launches, Makos B&M Airtime, and Alpengeist's speed and forces.

My choices? I'm going to marry Cheetah Hunt, even though it's not the best coaster here, it's original and re-ridable! Has airtime, the awesome river section, and launches. I'm killing Alpengeist, there's better inverts. So I'll take one last F*** with Mako.

What're you thinking?


  1. Marry Cheetah Hunt and Then Fuck Manta Because I've Never Been

  2. If the "3 last rides on Earth" wasn't the scenario, I would agree with you. Being a KI local, I already have a B&M hyper and invert in my backyard. Marry Cheetah Hunt, it's MUCH better than the aging FOF. Mako is, eh, a hyper coaster, so I'd say F---. Alpengeist has nothing on the likes of Banshee and Raptor, so kill.

    That said, if I could only keep one, and have one ride on another, I'd say marry Alpengeist, f--- Cheetah Hunt, and kill Mako. Hyper coasters are cool, but they're almost all the same, especially if they're B&Ms. I've never been to Tampa, so I would like to ride Cheetah Hunt before I die, since it's unique. But if I had to choose one, I would go with the invert any day.


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