Six Flags Over Georgia Announces Twisted Cyclone RMC Coaster


Six Flags Over Georgia Wins the Six Flags August 31st announcement day.

It was pretty much expected and now it is here. Most other parks will be getting new flat rides, with the exception of Six Flags Fiesta Texas, which will also be receiving an RMC (though a 100% steel single rail). Incredible how quickly this company has taken over the coaster space around the world!!!
Nice blue track!
Gene Petriello, spokesman for Six Flags Over Georgia, said the Twisted Cyclone ride is the culmination of a five-year plan for the park that has included the additions of a string of big attractions, including Hurricane Harbor in 2014 and Justice League Battle for Metropolis, a virtual reality ride, this past year.
“We listen to our guests, and everyone has been asking when is the next roller coaster coming to Six Flags,” said Petriello. Petriello expects this coaster to be a big hit with park enthusiasts.
“This roller coaster has the personality of a classic wooden coaster but the innovation and modern technology of a steel track, which allows for a more intense, thrilling ride like never before.”
In July, Six Flags Over Georgia announced that its iconic Georgia Cyclone wooden coaster would go away forever.
Looks to be another good RMC Coaster. Very short however.

The 90 degree outward bank looks insane! Haven't seen something like that before!!
Very cool horseshoe element, kind of like what is seen on Maverick, but tighter and I'm sure it gives a little floater airtime too. That outward bank that follows is very insane! Floating over that sideways will be quite a feeling.

All the info can be seen on Six Flags website -

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