Six Flags Fiesta Texas and the Wonder Woman Golden Long Name Lasso Roller Coaster


Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster to Open in 2018

Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio, TX

The Golden Lasso will feature a 90-degree drop, two airtime hills, one 180-degree stall, a zero-g roll and overbanked turns, Siebert said. Instead of a two-rail track that’s typical of most coasters, the ride’s three eight-person cars will ride along a single 15-inch-wide track, Siebert said. The design is intended to give riders the sensation that they’re riding on Wonder Woman’s weapon of choice, Siebert said.

Finally, the RMC Single Rail is here!

Wonder Woman will join Batman and Superman with her first roller coaster ever, debuting next spring at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the San Antonio park announced Thursday.

Construction on the Golden Lasso Coaster began in July, park president Jeffrey Siebert said in a phone interview. The ride is slated to open in early March, in time for the start of the summer tourism season.

“There’s no doubt that by far Wonder Woman is the most popular female superhero that’s ever been created,” Siebert said. “It’s great that after all these years she now has her own coaster along with her friends Batman and Superman.”
The Mcdonald's-colored Wonder Woman.
This drop is going to be totally awesome. A full-length drop at 90 degrees will be stellar. The pull up into the first inversion looks to be awesome as well.
All I'm hoping at this point is that the ride has a different restraint than their wooden coasters. Some of these transitions look lateral-heavy in the animation, which are uncomfortable with the current restraints. No terrain use is just awful. To put a 'parking lot coaster' in that setting is so disappointing.

Six Flags’ final decision to build the ride wasn’t contingent on the film’s success, Siebert said. The Grand Prairie theme park company had planned to build the ride for “several years,” he said.

Interesting choice for the park, the capacity is awful and the ride doesn't interact with the quarry wall at all. Get there early each day to make sure you ride before the crowds load the queue up.

Your thoughts?

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