Revolution Review - Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Revolution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool, UK

Don't lose your stomache on roller coasters? Try this one, I bet you will.

Austin rides: in the front/middle/back. 

I'm a person who loves to get that butterflies-in-your-stomache feeling, but it never happens. This ride does it for me!

The best drop in the world? Along with the track being held up by the ground? 

The shaping on the first drop is seriously incredible, The launch into the drop is the perfect speed that lifts you out of your seat and throws your stomache into your throat. The entire drop you have this feeling, it's truly incredible. Where's the stomache gone?

Look how close you can get to the track! I love non-american theme parks.

The loop is nothing special, good forces and smooth - no complaints. Going backwards is just as incredible as forward, maybe even a little better. Not seeing the drop coming totally adds to the anticipation of you getting ready for the downhill. Again, totally lose your stomache on the drop, tail through the loop, and another little pop of air before going into the station. Perfect.

Final brake run thoughts: The only model in the world to make my stomache go missing. Again, and again, every ride.

Where Austin ranks this ride: Hard to rank because it's so simple but good!! I'll tie it with the insane wild mouse here at BPB and put it above any other shuttle coaster. 

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