Mystic Timbers Review - Kings Island



Mystic Timbers

Kings Island - Mason, OH

The get-go: "...what is in the shed?"

Austin rides: in the front at night.

The setting is awesome and Kings Island did an incredible job of keeping as many trees as they could around the ride area. 

The awesome billboard ride sign. Photo by Jeremy Thompson

Walking up to the ride you really cannot see much of it, the trees and buildings block most of it, and the theming is good for Cedar Fair.

I do wish that they kept the theming throughout the queue instead of playing pop music through the covered queue areas. Also wish they shared more of the storyline during the queue, huge missed opportunity that is easy to do.

Kings Island, Don't go in the Shed!
What can be in that shed? Don't overhype yourself. And this pictured shed isn't the shed.

The ride was mostly seen as a family wooden coaster before launch, so my hopes weren't high, but this thing is an animal and is probably #2 best coaster at Kings Island.

The pacing is incredible, right after the first drop through to the end. I'm willing to say it is the best pacing for a coaster of its height. It doesn't give up, and the lateral G-forces are beautifully done and placed perfectly throughout the ride to give an out-of-control but comfortable ride. 

Kings Island Mystic Timbers first hill
The first hill is exciting and gives two comfortable pops of air with plenty of speed. Photo by Jeremy Thompson

3/4's of the way through, there's a section that looks straight but has this odd right-left bank with a small hop in the middle, and it totally rocks! I'm not sure why this low force section of track is something that stays in my mind so well, but it is seriously awesome and out of control. 

Let's get to the shed. Sit near the front of the train to enjoy the shed more. Minor spoilers ahead. 

I must say, it was a huge disappointment at first. Immediately I thought - "what a damn perfect opportunity to have a trick-track in the shed!" Even a small 1-foot drop would be incredible with what already goes on, heck a 6-inch drop would do.. BUT, As I rode multiple times at night, and the whole train was chanting 'SHED, SHED, SHED,' before going in - I fell in love with the shed. It's awesome. The shed rocks. The shed is the best block brake ever. The shed brings together the coaster train like no other as you sit in anticipation. 
You won't get the shed until you're on a train with re-riders. The whole train sits there and sings "Cars" by Gary Numan, which actually makes you want them to take longer loading the next train, so you can enjoy the shed longer!
The shed being mentioned during the lift hill and pre-ride are enticing and exciting, and the more you ride this ride, the more you'll be excited about the shed, it just gets better and better. What a way to thrill riders all the way through to the exit of the ride.

I've now overhyped the shed like everyone else. Sorry.

The stigma of this ride makes the ride that much better. A top 10% coaster! Hats off GCI!! Thank you!

Where Austin ranks this ride: Better than Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer and below Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce.

Final brake run thoughts: "I'm driving home and listening to Cars the whole way."

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