How are Texas Theme Parks Fairing Through the Storm? Re-Opening Dates

Texas Theme Park Closures Due to Inclement Weather

Well, we all have to worry ever since Six Flags was destroyed in New Orleans years ago, but there is no news about the parks in Texas parks that will cause any long-term damage. It seems many parks plan to be open for Labor Day weekend after the storm passes, and any minimal damage can be cleaned up.

A rundown of notices and statements from the greater Gulf region:

• SCHLITTERBAHN WATERPARKS: “Schlitterbahn’s New Braunfels location will not open during the week as previously scheduled due to rains brought on by Hurricane Harvey. The park will, however, open for Labor Day weekend. Guests are encouraged to visit for information on all park schedules prior to travel.”

• KIDDIE PARK, San Antonio: “Kiddie Park will be closed Sunday, Aug. 27, due to the weather. We hope everyone stays safe and dry out there!”

• MORGAN’S WONDERLAND, San Antonio: “Our administrative offices will remain closed through Sunday, Aug. 27. To reschedule, refund, or donate your tickets for this weekend, please provide us with the first and last name associated with the purchase. Refund requests will be processed when we are back in office Monday, Aug. 28. We appreciate your patience. Thinking of all of our friends along the Texas coast. Stay safe, everyone!”

• SAN ANTONIO ZOO: “The San Antonio Zoo is closed today [Sunday, 8/27]. We are in contact with Houston Zoo, Houston Downtown Aquarium and Moody Gardens. Our staff stand ready to assist as needed.”

• SEAWORLD SAN ANTONIO: “SeaWorld and Aquatica San Antonio will remain closed Sunday, Aug. 27, to ensure the safety of our guests, ambassadors and animals. The zoological staff has reported all animals are doing well and the team will remain onsite to monitor the situation.”

• SIX FLAGS FIESTA TEXAS: “Due to the continued inclement weather from Harvey, the park will be closed on Sunday, Aug. 27.”

• SPLASHTOWN SAN ANTONIO: “For the safety of our guests and staff, we are closed for the weekend [of Aug. 25-27]. We will reopen next weekend!”

• ZDT’S AMUSEMENT PARK, El Sequin: “ZDT’s will be closed Sunday, Aug. 27, due to extreme weather conditions. The park will reopen for Labor Day weekend, Sept. 2-4, weather permitting.”

Most Texas parks are quite far into the state, so all should be fairing just fine during this bad storm, lets hope damages aren't too bad for the millions that live in the state. Take a look at the picture below of Six Flags two weeks after the New Orleans storm, and let's hope something like this never happens again.
The 2005 Flooding of Six Flags New Orleans. The Batman Roller Coaster at the bottom of the picture is now at Fiesta Texas.

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