Hollywood Studios Slinky Dog Roller Coaster Train Arrives on Disney Property


Slinky Dog Ride Vehicles are delivered to Hollywood Studios.

Trains arriving! A big update in the expansion that Hollywood Studios is receiving!
It's Intimidator 305!
On Wednesday—National Slinky Day—Walt Disney World Resort unveiled the first attraction vehicle for Slinky Dog Dash, a new roller coaster coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios. The attraction is currently under construction in the 11-acre Toy Story Land, opening next summer.
"Toy Story Land will invite guests to step into the whimsical world of Pixar Animation Studios' blockbuster films where playtime stretches longer than a Slinky Dog. Guests will feel like they've shrunk to the size of a toy as they play in Andy's backyard with their favorite Toy Story pals," a parks spokesperson said in a statement. "Inspired by the playful dachshund spinoff of Slinky, the classic American toy, Slinky Dog Dash will send riders dipping, dodging and dashing around turns and drops that Andy has created to stretch Slinky and his coils to the max." -eonline.com

Slinky Dog Dash will be unlike other family coasters at Walt Disney World Resort. "We've tried to put the slinkiness into the track," staff project engineer Bob Vignec explained. "One of the unique characteristics of this design is that the vehicle and the track are melded together to [create] a fun effect for the people on it and a big kinetic effect for people who are watching it."
It's something people have to experience to appreciate. "We're working with the Pixar team, the ride team and our creative time to make sure Slinky Dog does all the movements you would imagine the Slinky Dog character to do. If you had the toy, what would you do with the toy? Our track feels like that," executive creative director Dave Minichiello said. "We've made sure the movements you make while you're on the coaster have that kind of feel. So, You've got camel humps, you've got coils and you've got circles. It's going to be an amazing ride to go on!"

It is exciting to see another outdoor coaster at Disney and will always be nice to see the theming they add to the ride. The slinky thing is really just an illusion that will be made with the rings around the ride vehicles. The vehicle does not stretch as it moves.
Hopefully theming around the ride track itself will hide the supports like other Disney outdoor coasters. Always nice to see outdoor coasters correctly themed!

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