DC Rivals at Gold Coast Movie World - Test Run


DC Rivals, First Test Run

The mammoth coaster, which is the most expensive ride in the city at a cool $30 million, reaches speeds of 115km/h has a circuit of 1.5km and includes 335 steel columns.
Cresting the lift hill for the first time, this coaster looks awesome!
The German designed and made hypercoaster is due to open in October and has created a lot of buzz for thrill seekers.

Village Roadshows Theme Parks CEO Clark Kirby told the Bulletin earlier in the year the rollercoaster was the largest investment the organisation had made and demonstrated the faith the business has in the industry. -http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/ 

The full run can be seen here

I think this coaster looks incredible. A layout that fits in well and does some new things. I love all the new Mack rides that are going in and am happy to see them really spreading throughout the world with their coasters. Your thoughts?

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