Opening Cedar Point's Steel Vengeance in Planet Coaster.


How to open Steel Vengeance in Planet Coaster.

Steel Vengeance is a new blueprint in Planet Coaster! How does it look?
Steel Vengeance is found under coaster blueprints.
Where to find Steel Vengeance.
Go ahead and open up a sandbox to place Steel Vengeance into the game. It's under the hybrid coasters as seen in the image above.

I have to say it's awesome to get different angles of this ride and really check the thing out! The last section does seem awfully slow, but the ride as a whole is nuts and will be a top coaster for sure. Those first two long air-hills will definitely make it a rival to El Toro.

The trackwork isn't bad, but you will see some weird movements in places and some wonky banking.

Overall this partnership is awesome - how cool would it be if they eventually got into a full park recreation relationship? Something like Six Flags and Roller Coaster Tycoon, but on a whole new level!

Here's a POV from Youtube:

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