Boulder Dash has a small collision in the station.


Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce crashes into itself at final break-run. Expect closures for a short time.

Looks like Boulder Dash may be closed for a bit until this gets sorted. Expect a one train operation once it does re-open until the damaged train gets fixed. The link and picture found on twitter show the two trains collided right outside of the station. The first train, which isn't completely inside the station area, has another train rammed into the back of it.
Boulder Dash Roller Coaster has a Crash in the Station
Odd for the one train to be halfway sticking out of the station during this collision. Photo: @stevesnowmn
The second train appears to have quite some damage as multiple cars are leaning forward in areas from the impact. It looks as if it hit with some speed for the train to be up in the air like that.

I'm not totally sure how this can happen as the weather was not bad in the area and a total brake failure is unlikely. Possibly something to do with adding a second train to the ride and leaving the computer in a maintenance mode, while the other train was making a round. There is no one on the ride at the time so it seems it is during one of these addition or testing periods.

This is also how the Smiler accident took place two years ago. Albeit many different circumstances - maintenance mode pretty much shuts down the computers blocking system, so it's up to humans to make sure other trains are in the correct location, which led to Smiler cresting the lift hill and eventually hitting the car in front.

It is very much an operator error.

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