Banshee Review - Kings Island



Kings Island, Mason, Ohio
An all-around great coaster that deserves more attention.
Banshee Review - Kings Island Roller Coaster
The lift hill travels through the second inversion, a vertical loop.

Score: ➊ ➋ ➌ ➍ ➎ ➏ ➐ ➈ ➉ 7.38/10
90th Percentile 

Height Requirement: 52" / 132cm
Top Speed: 68mph
Inversions: 7

Where to Sit on Banshee
: Front.

Excitement: 8.9/10 As far as inverted coaster's go, this layout is one of, if not the, best. The forces are strong, there is a change in terrain height halfway through resulting in a speed increase, and it includes all the inversions you would want out of an invert. It even throws in an in-line twist instead of a brake-run or S-turn. It could use some tunnels or maybe some more near misses, as it's located in an open field with no real interactions. This is also one of the more intense rides I've been on in terms of G-force throughout the ride.

Coaster Review, Banshee.
The first few inversions start out fast and strong and it continues throughout the layout.
Pacing: 8.2/10 Banshee has a real pace to it that doesn't allow for much breathing room. Your one slow point is an in-line twist, and it doesn't kill the ride like an MCBR would. Banshee travels through its inversions with good speed, and there are some segments that you really wouldn't want to go any faster through!

Technicals: 9.6/10 Banshee is smooth. It truly doesn't get much smoother than this. This invert is a ride that is comfortable throughout and not jerky at all. It does, however, miss out on some of the snappy-like transitions that you would find on some other inverted coasters like Montu. It's so tall and fast that the elements are just that much more drawn-out. It's a long ride that uses its footprint almost perfectly with an effective layout that fills the area well and has a throughput that won't leave you waiting in line too long. The restraints may be uncomfortable for a tall and skinny person as they do dig into your collarbone a bit. Almost a technically perfect ride.

Banshee Roller Coaster Layout and Review
Banshee Layout
Theming: 2.5/10 Banshee severely lacks theming. There are no real interactions with anything during the ride and nothing during the queue that stands out other than the small tribute to Son of Beast. The setting doesn't do much for the ride either. There are no trees nearby, and the terrain change is unnoticeable to a non-enthusiast.

Uniqueness: 7.7/10 This ride might be lacking some character, but it boasts a layout with some of the best inversions you can find on an inverted coaster. The transitions may not be as snappy as some of the smaller inverted coasters, and the high speed requires the elements to be larger, which isn't necessarily a good thing. There's nothing you've never seen before, but you've also never ridden something with so many strong elements back-to-back. It's long, built custom to the area, and is one-of-a-kind. Banshee is a must-ride when at the park.

Banshee Roller Coaster Kings Island
Look at the terrain difference as you head into the second half of the ride!

Score: ➊ ➋ ➌ ➍ ➎ ➏ ➐ ➈ ➉ 7.38/10

Placement: 90th percentile among all coasters. (Ranked in the top 10% of coasters worldwide.) Not as good as Montu at Busch Gardens Africa, better than Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Europe.

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