Interesting Watch: The History of "Arrow" Roller Coasters Documentary


Must Watch: The History of Arrow Dynamics, now owned by S&S Worldwide.

One of the greatest documentaries I've seen. This history of Arrow Dynamics is filled with information and facts that keep you entertained the entire hour+, you gotta check it out!
ACE Youtube

"The long-awaited documentary on Arrow is finally here! From the American Coaster Enthusiasts comes a story about a company that revolutionized the amusement industry. From humble beginnings in November 1945, to its climactic ending in 2002, Arrow changed the way people experience rides." -ACE Youtube

This video shines a light on and may change your opinion on other roller coaster companies as well! Truly an incredibly fact-filled documentary that any coaster enthusiast needs to watch! Arrow did a lot for our industry, and in no way would we be even close to where we are today without them. Thank you arrow. As painful and shaky your rides are, #neverforget

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