Nemesis Review - Alton Towers


Review, Nemesis - Alton Towers

Alton Towers, Alton UK!

A one of a kind layout with an incredible story behind it.

Austin rides: in the front. 

While the forces are there, I do believe there are more forceful coasters. This ride is incredible because of the use of terrain and the hole that it is placed in, without this added to the ride, it would just be another small invert.

Alton's Best Coaster?
The carved out sections that the track flies through are incredible.

The river runs clear now but the ride still runs red. Up the short lift you go and you're still even with the ground, an awesome feeling as you near the old queue and turn around and down into the corkscrew. And even more amazing to have a few elements that you keep gaining speed through, this ride truly never stops and has some of the best pacing of any B&M invert.

Diving into the crater a few times is always a great feeling and the echo of the roar on the rocks around you is a sound to be heard. 

A top 5 UK Coaster, easily
Diving down multiple times in different carved out sections of ground. At late sunset, this ride's theming is enhanced by the dark shadows that lurk around the bushes.

 Nemesis' turns and dips and dives get you lost to where you are during the ride if you don't know exactly what the layout is before riding, almost as much as Black Mamba at Phantasialand. 

The ground-hugging Nemesis is quite a ride
I love how the bushes are cut out around where the track flys through. 

It's great to be able to walk all around this ride, down into the crater and over and under the track in all sorts of places. The queue is great because you can see new angles of the ride, and see the bushes and surrounding foliage shudder after the train flys through.

Nemesis Queue, drop into the hole
From the skinny queue

Where Austin ranks this ride: Tied with Black Mamba and below Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Final brake run thoughts: I'm somehow in England and I've just ridden Nemesis. Wow

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