Iron Rattler Review- Six Flags Fiesta Texas



Iron Rattler

Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio, TX

The transfer station has the logo carved into the wooden doors, which is badass and awesome looking."

Austin rides: in the back. 

The absolute best setting for a ride you can get overhypes what this ride offers. The drop is totally awesome, but the ride is over before you know it. 

Six Flags Theming
The Themeing is above par for Six Flags!

The theming is about as good as it gets for Six Flags, and it's cool to see the I.R. logo all over the place instead of advertisements, the natural setting also helps here. The quarry wall is massive and cool to look at. Also, in a weird un-six-flags-as-you-can-get move, even the transfer station has the logo carved into the wooden doors, which is badass and awesome looking. Check it out to the right of the station as you roll away. 

The Quarry Wall
The Wall is the best setting for a ride there can be!

The ride-
A back-seat drop will shock you every time you crest the stupid-slow ending lift hill.  It slings you over the top and whips you to the side as you are out of your seat, almost as crazy and good as Pepsi Max does at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

As I always say about Rocky Mountain Coaster, a restraint that goes to the hips instead of the thigh would make this ride more comfortable.
The cool-looking, terrain-hugging mid-section is actually about as uncool as it gets. The pace is killed, the ejector airtime is a short G-spike after G-spike.  

Iron Rattler during Sunset Silhouette
The Ride is above par too!

Maybe these small, weird RMC air-hills would feel better if they gave us more positive G-force combined with longer negative G. Is it bad shaping or just not enough speed to do anything with, and why are they on almost every RMC?  Don't get me wrong - these kickers are still awesome, but something is wrong with them and I can never put my finger on what it is.

The famous drop into the quarry? Absolutely incredible.  It's hard to keep your hands up in the pitch black as the ride turns through the pitch black into the... brake. run. 
A final Helix like on the old Rattler or a couple small hills before totally killing the vibe would've worked wonders here. 
The ending, as great as it is, is totally disappointing as so much speed is still left in this thing as it cruises into the brake.

IT is a top 10-15% coaster, with the ability to be so much better. Hats off to RMC for using the terrain, though I feel it could've been used better. 

Where Austin ranks this ride: Tied with Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom, better than Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England, worse than Goliath at Walibi Holland.

Final Brake Run Thoughts: You can only do so much with a ride layout when the supports from the previous ride are in certain locations. 


  1. Yes it needs to be longer, how can a ride be good when it has 4 elements. drop, hill, turn, drop. boo


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