Kennywood to Get Something Big?


With the Terrible News of Log Jammer Closing, Kennywood looks to create an E-Ticket Attraction to Replace it.

Kennywood has quite the ambitious project planned according to rumors going around. With the tallest wooden coaster in the world being a possible replacement. Nothing formal has be stated by the park or town officials as of yet.

“People always like to see new roller coasters, and there are a lot of enthusiasts around the country that travel to see that,” West Mifflin borough manager Brian Kamauf told KDKA money editor Jon Delano on Friday. “It might be time for Kennywood to do that.”

An architectural sketch obtained by the website Screamscape shows a striking roller coaster to be built just below the Log Jammer, constructed on part of the 139 acres that runs off the hillside that Kennywood purchased from the Union Railroad a few years ago.

“Everything I have heard indicates that a coaster has definitely been in the planning stages,” says Lance Hart, founder of Screamscape.

There’s speculation that Kennywood is interested in building North America’s largest wooden roller coaster, something that would clearly attract enthusiasts from all over.

Looks like the people of Pittsburgh could have something to celebrate for the 2019 season. Let's hope so! Great to see the park mention the growing number of theme park enthusiasts around the country. It's great to see parks acknowledge the number of people that travel when a new ride is slated to open. Possibly we'll see something from RMC here, they love to break records with their builds, and as big wooden coasters go, they are the go-to company nowadays, with parks loving the attention they get when adding one of the Rocky Mountain Construction attractions.

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