Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Storm Chaser Review - Kentucky Kingdom

Storm Chaser
Kentucky Kingdom

One hell of a ride with the most disorienting drop around.

Austin sits: at the BACK.

Storm Chaser is definitely one of those rides that get better and better as you ride it.
This being my fourth Rocky Mountain Coaster now, the overhype that I believe is attached to all of them has finally worn off. So it was a nice surprise to see this particular RMC, the smallest that I've ridden, to be my favourite. 

The greatest wooden coaster angle!
This angle is beautiful.

The drop has to be the most disorienting drop ever experienced, and you must experience it while sitting in the back row. Going through the supports during the drop while watching the front of the train ahead of you gives you this crazy falling, head-chopping feel that I haven't experienced before. I laughed every time because it's just sheer brilliance. 

Storm Chaser, Outside View
From outside the park.

Then, finally -- a straight, long, proper, steady ejector air hill from RMC.  I've been waiting to ride this just for this nice airhill since this ride was announced, to see how RMC would finally pull off a straight airhill, and it did not disappoint.  Straight air hills are massively underrated elements, and this one rivaled rolling thunder hill on el toro. It was so nice to actually have a long and healthy piece of air from RMC vs. their oddly shaped small ejectors that are their usual. Can't wait for the three straight on Kings Dominion's new RMC.

RMC Barrel Roll
What a nice looking barrel roll. And how about that first air hill's shape n the back!

After three rides straight my thighs had bruises because of the horrible RMC restraints, the airtime is awesome, but with a hip-placed restraint, this ride would so much better. 
This RMC did not let up like others I've ridden by the group, it seemed to keep a nice speed through to the end, and I didn't feel like anything was thrown-in at the end just to lengthen the ride. 
This could definitely be because the rides speed is overall slower than other RMC's, which makes the pacing overall a steady speed instead of RMC's usually fast start speed to slow end speed.

I'm not sure why other RMC's seem to slow so quickly, and the last lateral-filled turn to the station was something that I haven't felt from the maker before, but also wasn't anything to write home about. I could see myself bracing during it by the third straight ride.
 It's nice to see different things on this ride, and I'm excited about the future of RMC while they try new things, like Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Great Americas new steel rides.

Where Austin ranks this ride: Tied with Iron Rattler and above Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England.

Final Brake Run Thoughts: There's still no line and I'm riding until my thighs are more bruised. A+